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Jonathan Brooker
Composer For Film, Television, Media and Games


Jonathan is a UK based award winning composer, specialising in music production and composition for film and television.    He has also assisted with a number of film productions in UK, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Cyprus and Dubai, as producer, assistant director and 1st AD, and executive producer.

Jonathan's passion for film was first ignited by the release of Star Wars (A New Hope), E.T, and Bruce Dern's 'Silent Running', sparking his imagination that later motivated him to re-create and direct the snow battle from The Empire Strikes Back, at the age of 15, whilst still at school, drawing on the help of friends, classmates and teachers, and resources of the local art college and many local businesses (for set production), and the works of John Dykstra (and his support) for his pioneering special effects in the Star Wars series

(ILM & The Old School VFX Of The Original Star Wars *1).

Returning to the film industry (after graduating in computer science and working throughout Europe and North America for nearly 30 years in technology and telecomunications), Jonathan co-founded Shouting Sound & Motion Productions (aka iMovieShout) in 2018, and now runs the audio department for music, scoring and sound design.  Since Covid though, he very much focusses the majority of his time to composing music, and creating original soundtracks for film and theatrical releases, whilst supporting local film makers with raising funding and developing production team skills.

Jonathan's passion for film has never been stronger.

*1 - Industrial Light & Magic

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