There are a whole host of ready made sources of music and sounds.  But there are not exclusively sold. So the same tune could end up being used on many many soundtracks and other media including commercials and TV productions.  Furthermore, these will only supply you with 3 or 4 version of the same tune, nit enough for an entire film or TV production, and it will not possible to change or adapt these sources.  So you will probably have to adapt your film or TV production to fit the music, potentially making your project clumsy and difficult to make the story work for the audience.


With the advent of powerful computers, software and effects, it is becoming cheaper to write and produce your own compositions.  But whilst this provides greater accessibility to the raw sounds and instruments, and easier ways to lay down your creation, there is still a lot of detailed and often frustrating / time consuming work required, to get the mix right, to keep the entire score up to a standard that provides for good quality composition, continuity, audio detail, and of course mixes well with the final edit and vocal dubbing.  This can be quite an art, and will still take around 4 to 12 dedicated weeks to complete and then edit in with your production's editor and director.


Great idea. So you have deep pockets and plenty of time on your side? True to say that many block buster productions do make use of a full orchestra, but the road to the final score is long and often frustrating. Hiring and working with a talented orchestra is usually done at the end of the production, when everything else is done, including the final draft of the edit in post-production.



We have a solution that works for your project!!!  An array of solutions actually.  Scalable according to your budget and your needs.

Starting with drafting ideas and cues, often during pre-production, as this will help your director and production team to formulate their own ideas and help bring the script or screenplay to life.

Production and we can help to develop ideas where scripts and scenes are proving difficult or complex.

Post-production, and we really get to grips with working with the director, producer and editor to enhance and bring the whole story to life.

There's a lot of work along the way.  Spotting the cues and deciding on the type of sounds, music and emotions are needed and when.  

We can work with orchestras, or individual musicians to help add that touch of quality and uniqueness to the production - always a bonus.  Your producer will need deep pockets, but going the extra mile will truly bring your production to life and enhance the audience's experience.

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