Studio Gear: High-End Apple Mac Pro 5,1


Studio Gear: High-End Apple Mac Pro 5,1


Apple Mac Pro 5,1 (mid-2010) 96GB memory, 512GB Flash SSD, 4TB HDD

A fantastically fast beast !!


For sale following move to professional studio. I no longer have a need for this fast machine.

I will ship via ParcelForce or UPS to anywhere in the UK only, in Mac Pro 5,1 shipping box.


Featuring, and included:

• x2 6-core 3.46GHz Intel Xeon Processor (total of 12-cores / 24 threads)

• 96GB RAM, 1333MHz, DDR3 (for some reason 96GB is a little faster than the full 128GB)

• Two 4TB Seagate hard disk drives, mounted in 2 of the SATA bays 

• PCIe mounted 512GB Flash SSD. Used for boot drive.  Boots El-Capitan in around 4 seconds.

• PCIe mounted USB3.0 (4 ports)

• Apple NVIDIA GeForce GT120 512MB graphics card with DVI connection (the original Apple Mac Pro 5,1 graphics card)

• Apple CD-ROM / DVD Writer

• Original power lead and built-in original power supply.


Standard features:

• x2 1GbE Ethernet ports

• x5 USB2 ports (3 rear, 2 front)

• x2 Optical Audio Ports (both rear)

• x4 Firewire 800 ports (2 rear, 2 front)

• Bluetooth

• Wifi

• Built-in speaker

• x2 3.5mm Headphone sockets (1 rear, 1 front).  Supports surround sound 5.1 and SPDIF.

• x1 3.5mm Microphone socket (rear)


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