Shouting Sound & Motion Productions™

Shouting Sound & Motion Productions™

STUDIO:  From our studio in Kent, we are able to offer and undertake the following services.  Normally at least 3 working days notice are required in advance of project commencement, but please do not hesitate to send your enquiries to or via our Contact page.


Film-score and Sound-score Services:

  • Creation of sound design, sound scaling, foley audio, for your project, from feature-length to short, documentary to TV and web series.
  • Typical genres includes:  Action, Thriller, Adventure, Sc-Fi, Period, Dramatic, Romance, Horror,  TV, Cinematic.


Creation and Development of CINEMATIC Music AND SOUNDTRACKS:

  • Creation of original musical themes, scores, and soundtracks.  All rights owned by Shouting Sound & Motion Productions, unless otherwise agreed in advance.
  • Mixdown / Mix Up, of original and 3rd party audio


Sound Cleaning:

  • Scrubbing of unwanted noise, artefacts, and background noise and hiss
  • Extraction of crisp, clear dialogue from busy sound takes
  • Adding effects to sound files, including reverb, ambience, noise, foley, ADR and voice dubbing


Sound and Audio Creation:

Sourcing or creation of stock sound, audio, foley sounds for your project.


NOT FOR HIRE:  Due to lack of demand for hire of our cinematic camera, lighting and sound equipment, we no longer provide a service or hire out kit.  We can only think that either the film making market is in decline, or film makers are so rich with budget these days that they prefer to own their kit!!!  Either way, we don't hire out kit anymore :-(