Why does Your Project Need a Score ?

I once heard a film student ask "Why do films and TV projects need music and sound?"    Think on it a moment.  

Imagine a film, movie, TV drama, TV commercial or corporate marketing video without any sound, any music, any undertones.  Its a hollow, grey experience.isn't it?  

Still don't get it - imagine you're in your favourite cinema and have taken your family to see the latest blockbuster.  Perhaps the latest Batman™, or Mission Impossible™, or chickflick or romcom.     The acting is great with the best acting ever, and the best photography and visual effects, but apart from the sound of the actors voices and the occasional background noise and sounds from the environment around them, there is complete silence.  

Isn't that a bit odd?  

You've paid top dollar for the best seats, to get the best experience from your night out.  And minutes in to the movie, you are feeling uncomfortable,  Something isn't right.  Your emotions are ready to be thrilled and led on an adventure, but its just not happening !!!  

Wheres the drama?    

Did the cinema forget the sound?  

Have we got the right film?

And, so to the sound and musical score...


Why is Sound and Music So Important?

Sound and Music play a number of roles in film and TV, some more important than others.   Not least is the need to add or to enhance human feelings evoked from what is seen on the screen.   To add continuity between scenes, or to tell the audience that a change has happened - a change in pace, environment, the story line, change of characters, or to help carry the audience's attention..  




How Sound and Music Enhances Our experience of the screen...

Think of your favourite action or adventure movie, and of a scene where the pace or story changes drastically from one scene to the next.  

A good example is where one scene is calm and tranquil, and then the next scene shows a complete contract in environment, characters, and pace, perhaps even violent.  

The music can do a number of things here:  It can enhance the scene change, making the transition even more thrilling or dramatic, causing the audience to sit on the edge of their seats, or indeed cower in the corner, eyes hidden behind cupped hands. Or the music can relax the audience and hold their hands through the violent scenes played out on screen.  These are just 2 examples, but there are many others.  

Music can also enhance a story's leading characters, just as the Star Wars™ series does where each leading character is supported by their own musical theme, helping to enhance their role, and helping the audience understand what is taking place on the screen.


But music and sound don't always just enhance the story and emotions.  Music can also be used to take the audience on a journey.    

Many big blockbuster movies and well known TV commercials do this.  Aliens, Star Wars, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Pirates of The Caribbean are just some examples, where new scenes and storylines unfold, but the action on the screen is slow and unfolding, but the musical score tells a different story.  A story that unfolds as if a magical discovery is unfolding, where the audience is taken on a journey to explore or discover for the first time a new character, a new twist, a new magical or mysterious location.  The music is both a comfort blanket and a magician, a door opener or an adversary and really plays upon the human imagination.


The bottom line:  To captivate the audience.  Take them on a journey to discover and experience a world and story different from their own.  Let them escape from the usual humdrum, and let their imagination take over for an hour or two.  Without music and sound, the audience will feel cheated, and will leave the cinema frustrated, instead of refreshed and liberated, and importantly wanting more!!  And if the industry's critics, having sat through a screening before general release, don't like a film, then their reviews in the press are likely to influence whether the paying public decide to see your masterpiece, or not !!


 How Sound and Music Enhances The Experience:   Keep the audience coming back for more!!

How Sound and Music Enhances The Experience:   Keep the audience coming back for more!!