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Although relatively new to the industry, Jonathan has been passionate about making movies and creating music and scores for film since he was a young boy. 


Inspired by the adventures of Indiana Jones, E.T, the Star Wars trilogy The Day The Earth Stood Still, Forbidden Planet, and many many more, that sparked a whole new way of creating films and telling stories.   At 15 he convinced his school's Head of Art to allow him and his friends to build a stage to host the Battle of Hoth (Empire Strikes Back) in miniature. A 2 minute time-lapse project shot on two 8mm camera's and with a set built from Airfix models, bi-carbonate of soda (for snow), paints, glass and a lot of imagination, patience, determination and many a tear.

Since then, despite focussing on his career in software engineering and telecommunications, he has remained passionate, often helping out with new film projects around the UK and Europe.

After 30 years in the telecommunications industry, Jonathan gave it all up to follow his passion for film making and film scoring.  He built his new music and film scoring studio and turned his attention solely to the creation of music scores and sound SFX for films and movies.   Thus, in 2016, was born Shouting Sound & Motion Productions (@iMovieShout), which aims to promote his music and that of others, whilst supporting the production and post-production stages of film creation.

Jonathan Brooker

Composer for Film and Television

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