Inspired by the great composers and visionary film makers. But its the people that really got us going.

Jonathan Brooker    Composer & Director

Jonathan Brooker

Composer & Director

Rachael Gilbert    Marketing Manager

Rachael Gilbert

Marketing Manager

Gavin Saville     Director of Motion & Photography,     Wild Indie Films

Gavin Saville

Director of Motion & Photography,

Wild Indie Films

Co-founded by Jonathan Brooker and Jamie Robertson in 2013, and help and creative motivation from the team and members of Raindance Film Festival UK,

Shouting Sound & Motion Productions™ 

has grown quickly from a bunch of guys shooting film projects in to a production studio, focussing on film features and shorts production and post-production, chiefly focussing on project development, pre-production and planning, and post production film and sound scoring. We are the creative folk that bring it all to life.   But it doesn't end there.  Since 2015, we have built upon our core talent and skills, and have utilised our collective experiences of the I.T. industry to provide I.T. services and kit to the film / TV / Media industry, and now offer a range of warranted computer gear such as Apple MacPro's, Dell Servers, and maintenance services throughout the UK and Europe.

Jonathan:  In his formative years of the 1980's, as with so many, we were inspired and in awe at the rich and amazingly energised music of the early John Williams, James Horner and John Barry scores that enforced the brilliantly imaginative works of those vigorously committed film directors and producers of the day.  Needless to say the likes of the early Star Wars trilogy, Indiana Jones, E.T. and Encounters of The Third Kind, really grabbed Jonathan's imagination and threw him in to a series of amateur school animations, mock-ups, re-takes, mini film projects and experimenting with all sorts of special effects and early-day computer generated effects, urged on by friends and a handful of truly inspiring teachers - particularly Alwyn Jones, Head of Art, and Mr Ralph, school Headmaster.

His career took a different path, however, leading him in to computer and software engineering and working and managing many of the larger and well known brands and technology organisations around the world.   But his passion always remained with music, film and story telling.

Taking early retirement from the telecommunications industry in 2013, Jonathan found himself wondering about the possibilities of following his passion for film making, and,  whilst undertaking variety of courses in Film Direction and Production, Post-Production, Sound and Effects and Business Management, in 2013/14 Jonathan embarked on a new and ambitious path establishing Shouting Production's music composition and film-scoring studio, assisting a number of associates with the creation and investment for short films and recently a feature-length film with Raindance Film Festival. In 2016 this studio was expanded with new investment and renamed to

Shouting Sound & Motion Productions.




Jamie Robinson: A seasoned classical pianist, and retired professional sound and foley engineer, and amateur film-maker. He wanted to explore more of the industry and try a new path, and following a couple of courses in modern day film-making techniques with Jonathan, he decided to join forced in 2014 and has become a true driving force behind the company's gradual success.


Steve Scott:  A professional Director of Photography with 12 years working freelance largely in corporate marketing and theatrical presentations, and 14 years as a professional photographer and videographer for various companies including ITV, CNet, Microsoft and Laughing Stock Productions.  Steve retired in 2015.

William King:  Runner, Lighting and Photography Technician (intern)

Justin Burley & James Brooker:  I.T. Services and Engineering

Bertie Boxer    'Sleeping' Sound Engineer

Bertie Boxer

'Sleeping' Sound Engineer

Petrina Rodwell    Sales

Petrina Rodwell


Neil Jacobs    Studio Engineer

Neil Jacobs

Studio Engineer


Member of:

ASCAP™  (American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers)